Dark Digest

by Meadownoise

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The digest is currently on month five.


released 01 March 2014




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Meadownoise Nashville, Tennessee

Band. Nashville. Shaker.

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Track Name: Swimming Alone
I fished alone on hot aluminum.
Blinded by sun, I never caught a thing fishing alone.

I watched the sisters.
Braces and bathing suits.
Horseflies and cattails.
They don't remember swimming alone.

I fired a gun into a bullet trap down in the basement next to the bomb shelter. We did not know.

House built by hand to hold a family.
It smells like man, scotch, ice and chlorophyll.
Women gone on and left a basset hound sleeping alone.
Track Name: The Actor (Tower Defense)
The actor's signing autographs.
His shaking hand can barely make a line.
The punters taking photographs
can't see his scribbled note,
"I'm running out of time."

The reception line is thinning out.
The actor racks his brain for secrets to confide.
Keep them talking long enough,
they might not see the gun that's pressed against his side.

They're marching him outside to a waiting ride.
There's nothing left to say as the limo pulls away.
Track Name: Louder Like a Microphone
When you rub my head
it feels so nice like Mom is home again.
Mom is home again.

We are sleeping nose-to-nose
because we are well-worn dominoes.
Your breath warm it heats my face and dries my eyes.
Your shower wakes me.
It smells good.

And when you talk close to my ear
it's louder like a microphone.
Louder like a microphone.
When you laugh it hurts a bit.
I'm almost sure that you don't know.
Almost sure that you don't know it hurts.
Track Name: The Bats Have Come Now
The bats have come now to flap among mosquitoes,
To save us from a spirit, a disease.
We hear of rabies.
They'll never touch a filthy human being.
They'll keep the bumps away while the munchkins play in the yard by the pond.

We breath the duckweed through our teeth.
Thank god it's natural.
Spring-fed and practical.
And if they pile up filth don't fret.
We'll spread it on the garlic and the flowers and the rhubarb.

We'll eat for free, you and me, the bats, the kids, and the owl.
Track Name: Hair Just So
In a proud, orange sweatshirt,
sitting inches in front of me,
was a five-foot-two man around 73.

Outgoing. Armed with his lines
and black foam shoes.
His frame was marked by asymmetry,
like clay folded in a box.
I stared. I always do. Still a child and a gaper.

His chin and neck were dotted with pin-sized bumps.
They seemed to cause no physical pain.
Showing the strength and resilience was the comb in his pocket
and hair just so. Hair just so.

The intercom had spoken to him for fun.
And I came close to asking for his autograph.
I let him be.

He walked off complimenting everyone
for a job well done.